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Graybill & Downs Room Diffusers
Graybill & Downs Room Diffusers
Graybill & Downs Room Diffusers

Graybill & Downs Room Diffusers

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Graybill & Downs fragrance  blends hark from their English and Southern heritage through the marriage of both the Downs and Graybill families outside of Savannah, Georgia in 1932. 

Basil, Sage and Lemon: The unique blend of culinary herbs, sweet basil and earthy sage, are infused with the ripe, citrus notes of lemons creating both a crisp and refreshing aromatic fragrance.  With supporting citrus notes of orange and lime coupled with mint and eucalyptus this is an ideal candle in one's kitchen.

Darmoor Moss, Willow and Royal Jasmine Tea: fragrance is steeped in the renowned fragrances of England over the centuries. Deep in the royal forest of Dartmoor is the a beautiful section covered in the earthy, richness of moss, which meets with the equally earthy, woody fragrance of the willow tree; commonly found throughout the countryside. The floral jasmine with it's subtle and aromatic blends with a white tea then comes together to create a truly unique, luxurious fragrance.

Dune Lily and Cumberland Sea Salt: The distinct scent of sea salt first invigorates, then calms as it intermingles with that of seagrass and dune lilies.  Inspired by childhood escapes to this magical place, Graybill & Downs Dune Lily and Cumberland Sea diffuser is a one-of-a-kind fragrance that lingers in memory, like Cumberland Island itself.

          •  6.7oz | 200ml
          •  Diffuser base is free of VOC's or Volatile  Organic Compounds

          •  Elegant Italian glass bud vase
          •  Beautiful pewter, linen-embossed box with satin gray ribbon

          •  Made in the USA