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For Alicia, the head creative director, the process of designing knitwear and outerwear is an organic process often beginning with inspiration from nature, like the ripples of sand or a burst of color from wild flowers.  Elegant classic design that flatters the figure is primordial.  Each seasonal collection draws elements from the direction of women’s fashion like colors and silhouettes; however, Alicia Peru seeks to incorporate newness in pieces that will continue to be timeless season after season.

We have come to be known for our heavier gauge knits and with texture that is body flattering.   Our Pia cardigan was conceived and refined with the interplay of knitted ribbing.  The idea of using ribbing came from nature’s reference to how sand ripples on the beach creating curves and optical effects.  Sketches are then drawn up and samples produced to test proportion, fit and optimal color combinations.  In the end after working with production designers the final shape and silhouette comes to life.

It is this personal attention to details that make Alicia Peru’s collections so personal and timeless.

We hope you enjoy shopping our collection,

Alicia and Patricia