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Eco Home Decor

Upgrade your living space with eco-friendly home decor that combines style and sustainability. Discover our wide range of alpaca room throws, blankets and cushion covers.

From up-cycled Alpaca and Pima cotton materials to cruelty free alpaca fur cushion covers, Alicia Peru's eco home decor collection offers a variety of options to create an environmentally conscious and aesthetically pleasing home.

With a focus on eco-friendly materials and ethical manufacturing processes, our home furnishing products are designed to enhance your space while promoting a greener lifestyle. Bring nature indoors with sustainable wood tabletop accessories or create a cozy atmosphere with organic and chemical-free woven textiles.

Shop now and let your home reflect your commitment to environmental sustainability. Explore our eco home decor collection and transform your space into a haven that is both stylish and eco-conscious without compromising on quality or style.

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