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The Return of Quiet Luxury

We at Alicia Peru have not been about following the latest trend in fashion.  We have always been about offering timeless designs in quality fabrics, especially when in comes to our long women's coats, shorter jackets and car coats.  Our fiber of choice is baby alpaca.  Our signature Alicia Peru outerwear is now in fashion more than ever as it fits effortlessly in the Quiet Luxury movement that we hope is here to stay and will not be a passing trend.

Quiet Luxury is the return to seeking the pieces in your wardrobe ( blazer, overcoat, trouser pants) that will be timeless and that you can wear again and again - dressed up or down in season and in the transitioning seasons.  A key factor is using quality natural fibers, like we do with our baby alpaca coats and jackets - the fabric is 70% baby alpaca and 30% merino wool.  We do not use fabrics with synthetic polyester blends, which have led the way to so much over production and further environmental damage as these fibers are inexpensive and are overused in fast fashion.  We need to acknowledge that the fashion industry in general is a high polluter in the environment with all the heavily dyed, over produced cheap fabrics that have infected the industry in the name of heavily over stocked chain stores and fast fashion.

We at Alicia Peru invite you to shop our quality line of women's alpaca coats and jackets.  In line with the Quiet Luxury movement rest assured that you will receive quality craftsmanship in design in exceptional fabrics - baby alpaca.  Baby alpaca is native to Peru and has been used make exceptional garments back to its pre-Colombian cultures.  The incas considered baby alpaca the gold of the Andes. 

Our outerwear pieces are investment pieces for your wardrobe, we hope you will acknowledge that they are special and not over produced.  At Alicia Peru we always feel less is more and we encourage our customers to better invest in one quality piece over buying a number of cheaper pieces season after season.

We herald the return to Quiet Luxury - visit us in boutique in downtown Bellevue or online at aliciaperu.com

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