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Local Business

Local Business
Will We Still Have Our Favorite Local Businesses?

Our new reality, is making us think how different our world and communities will be after the grip of Covid -19 loosens.  With respect to commerce, we hope that small businesses everywhere will be able to open their doors again soon.  However, we sense that many will not as furloughed employees may not come back, lack of sales revenues deplete cash needed to pay rent and fixed costs and broken supply chains make it harder and or impossible to get production back on track.

We at Alicia Peru, are actively thinking outside the box and making up our new business strategies day by day as local and national information becomes available.  We have come to realize that we  must be nimble enough to navigate with myopic vision of what lies ahead.  Below are a few of the 'New Operating Initiatives" we are trying to enact, incorporated with some recent FAQ's.  We welcome your feedback at any time if you have any suggestions of how we can adapt to serve you better.  Email us at info@aliciaperu.com.

xoxo Patricia & Alicia 
What have you been doing during sheltering in place?     Aside from sending out online orders - Shout out to our valued  clients for your continued support!  We have been taking daily neighborhood walks, having loads of family sit down dinners, reading, gardening and constantly CLEANING.  It doesn't sound like an unhealthy way of life - back to the basics!  Here are few new novel activities we have indulged in:
  • Artkive app - photo/upload/archive all my kids best artwork from PK to now 
  • Grainline Pattern Dress - better stick to just selling them as I am struggling to sew straight seams!
Can One Shop Off Season Merchandise Online?  
YES - Great time to find a quality sustainably crafted timeless coat or jacket at a 20% discount from www.aliciaperu.com.  We plan to keep all the Fall/Winter offerings we have in stock on our e-boutique platform and a few racks on our Main Street boutique sales floor until the end of this year. Who is the Coat Model You Use Repeatedly?  Her name is Patricia Devalle and she is an up and coming Peruvian model that we collaborate with when working with  our baby alpaca coat manufacturer Sr. Tom Guiterez.
Who's the New Instagram/Facebook Girl?  She is my teenage daughter Elisa - an active contemporary dance enthusiast and honor role student who will probably limit her modeling to our backyard shots and her Grandmother's designs.  Are you on Instagram?  YES and Facebook.  If you're not in the mood to shop, but want to help local small business- tell a friend or two about us.  Follow us on Instagram @aliciaperu or Like us on Facebook at aliciaperullc.
How Do Gift It Bundles Get Delivered?  We hand pick all items from our brick & mortar boutique, carefully package them and send out UPS or USPS  free of charge for bundles valued at $150 and up.  After you place your completed order, email us at  info@allciaperu.com to let us know if you'd like us to write a special hand written message from you to  your recipient on your behalf and specify all is going to be a Gift It Bundle. 
Do You Have E-Gift Cards? - Yes we do at preset values of $100, $150, $250 and $500 from Gift It tab of our e-boutique.  If you would like a special amount just email us at info@aliciaperu.com and we can make that happen as well.  Gift cards are a very effective way to support and shop local whilst being most mindful of the current social distancing protocols. 

New Shopping Options 
E-Shop with Curbside Pick Up - Browse our e-boutique and take note of what you'd like to purchase then email us at info@aliciaperu.com and we will generate an electronic invoice for you within the day if its before 5pm to pay online and to schedule a curbside pickup Monday- Saturday 10am - 5pm, from10129 Main Street, Bellevue, WA  98004.

Email  Us to Schedule a Video Live Chat Call - email us at info@aliciaperu.com to schedule a day/time Monday- Saturday 10am-5pm.  
 "We hope you and all your loved ones stay safe & heathly during this time - we cannot hold our first responders in higher regard - we are praying they stay strong.  Donnate to help keep them safe if you can and by staying at home collectively together let's do our part to flatten the curve."

Alicia Peru Boutique
10129 Main Street #107B
Bellevue, WA  98004
t: 425.502.9292


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