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What's in the Name?


Who is Alicia Peru? Well it is a combination of the founder’s name Alicia and the Peru is a small homage to her homeland and the inspiration of the brand. 

Alicia Rodriguez moved to Seattle in early 1970’s by way of Lima, Brussels and Vancouver BC, as a young mother and wife.  In her professional life she has always been a fashion player.  Firstly, as a model in the 1980’s in the heyday of Seattle heritage retail – Fredricks & Nelson, Littler, I Magnin …In the 1990's she began to customize bespoke alpaca knits for selective clients and import Peruvian alpaca knits and accessories to compliment her ethos.  With the help of her eldest daughter Patricia in the early 2000’s she became a small formalized business and began to design and produce ready to wear capsule collections in alpaca and cotton to sell in a wholesale capacity.  Alicia Peru continues to evolve and try to stay relevant in the fast changing retail environment.
(archive photo 1982)


Alicia is driven to keep creating and innovating through the design and fit of her knitwear and cotton collections.   Peru has served as her place of manufacture due to the fine quality of alpaca fleece and pima cotton both native to Peru.  Alicia is now curating additional product and accessories from other small/mid size woman owned companies in Mexico, Tunisia, Madagascar and Italy.
(archive photos 1980...those high waisted jeans are so 2018!)
Peru has a long heritage and tradition in woven and loomed textiles and knits that date back to its native Pre-Colombian cultures.  
Alicia Peru has participated in women's wholesale markets in New York, Seattle, Portland, Chicago, Dallas and Las Vegas.
In the Fall of 2017 we opened our first independent retail pop-up store.  It was a success and personal affirmation that small niche personalized products and service is still relevant and appreciated in a highly dominant e-retailing environment .  

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