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Graybill & Downs Hand & Body Lotion
Graybill & Downs Hand & Body Lotion
Graybill & Downs Hand & Body Lotion

Graybill & Downs Hand & Body Lotion

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Graybill & Downs fragrance blends hark from their English and Southern heritage through the marriage of both the Downs and Graybill families outside of Savannah, Georgia in 1932. 

Basil, Sage, and Lemon - brings together the culinary herbs of sweet basil and sage then infuses them with the ripe, citrus fragrance of lemons creating both a crisp and refreshing aromatic blend.

Dune Lily and Cumberland Sea Salt - is a one-of-a-kind fragrance that lingers in memory, like Cumberland Island itself.  Coastal breezes stir the white dunes of Cumberland Island as sea turtles watch wild descendants of English horses race across its pristine beach. The distinct scent of sea salt first invigorates, then calms as it intermingles with that of seagrass and dune lilies.  

Sweet Magnolia and Fig- pays homage to a Southern favorite that emits an unmistakable, sweet fragrance in the that says you're in the South. The infusion of dark ripe figs balances her sweetness and the Southern tradition of warmth prevails with an infusion of earthy dark figs. Lily of the Valley and freesia offer intriguing and complex supporting notes.

All Graybill & Downs' Hand & Body Lotions are organic and infused with our amazing fragrances.  This fragrance is also available in a liquid hand soap.

          •  5oz | 147ml
          •  Glass vessel with apothecary pump
          •  Beautiful pewter, linen-embossed box with satin gray ribbon
          •  Made in the USA